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    2) C.S, C.I. & G.M. I.B.R. & Non IBR Valves
    3) Forbes Marshall I.B.R. & Non IBR Valves
    Pipe & Tubes >>Square, Rectangular & Hollow Section CRC Structural Pipes

    The range of hollow section pipes that we are providing are available in different sizes and thickness to suit different requirements. We supply hollow structural pipes from leading steel manufacturer Tata Steel. Tata Steel had introduced branded hollow section structural pipe as Tata Structura which is India’s largest selling hollow section structural pipe.


    Tata Structura Steel Hollow Sections are available in various sizes, thickness and ranging from rectangular, square and circular cross sections. These are high strength construction materials used in structural and mechanical applications. Due to their high torsional rigidity and comprehensive strength, they behave more efficiently than conventional steel sections.