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    Sheets >> Aluminum Roofing Sheets

    Everlast Aluminium roofing sheets offer an ideal solution for all roofing and cladding needs. Advantages offered by Aluminium roofing translate into faster, durable and economical construction. Some of the benefits of aluminium roofing sheets are:

    Longer Life

    Aluminium corrugated sheets along with recommended Aluminium accessories have a very long "fit-and-forget" service life. In many cases, these sheets have served for over SO years. Aluminium sheets are totally maintenance free.

    Lower Weight
    Aluminium roofing sheets are extremely light with high strength to weigt ratio. One truck can deliverthe building material for 10 aluminium houses each with a covered area of 40 sq. m. whereas it would require about 20 trucks to deliverthe bricks, sand, cement, steel, lime and other related materials for justone brick house.
    Easy & Fast Fabrication
    An aluminium structure can easily be dismantled, transported and re-erected in a different location. Aluminium sheets do not break or crack during or after erection, since aluminium is not brittle. An aluminium house of standard area of 40 sq.m can be erected in about 50 man-hours as against thousands of man-hours required fora brick house.
    Excellent Corrosion Resistance
    Aluminium has excellent corrosion-resistance in almost all kinds of environments. This translates into long life. This also means Aluminium retains its aesthetics throughout its life. Aluminium is now being increasingly used both in new installations / buildings and as a replacement for other materials in the old installations/buildings. Even in highly corrosive industrial environments, Aluminium is particularly resistant to fumes and vapours of organic compounds and to chemicals like ammonia, carbon dioxide and acids like hydrochloric, nitric and Sulphuricacid.
    Excellent Appearance
    Bright and beautiful aluminium enlivens the atmosphere. It stays bright and reflective for a very long time. Aluminium corrugated sheets can take a variety of finishes, colours and textures, which add further to its beauty, protection and improves the aesthetics of the building. There is also no staining, discolouring, rusting or rotting of aluminium sheets.
    Better Thermal Insulation
    Though aluminium is a good conductor of heat, its very high reflectivity of radiant he at and light (75 to 80% when new; 60% after several years) keeps the interiors of an aluminium building up to 5°C - 8°C cooler in summer while its low emissivity cuts the heat losses in winters. Thus, it reduces the cost of thermal insulation, while keeping the interiors more comfortable from the extremities of the surroundings.
    No Creep or Damage
    Unlike heavier materials such as lead and zinc, aluminium supports its own weight in widely varying temperature conditions, without creep or damage to the roofing sheet. It is, therefore, suitable for both low and high-pitched roofs. Due allowance should, however, be made for thermal expansion and contraction which is more for aluminium than for galvanized iron
    No health Hazards
    Aluminium sheets are hygienic and can be washed easily These are also devoid of bacterial or fungous infection. Aluminium sheets, thus, pose no health hazards to users.

    They are widely used as roofing and wall paneling for Industrial buildings, warehouses, godowns, storage sheds, hangers, power plants, cold storage sheds, rural housing, stalls & kiosks, wall panels for high rise buildings, interior partition walls, and as pre-painted building sheets for decorative applications.

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